How HR Apps can increase employee productivity

16 10-2015
How HR Apps can increase employee productivity

Nowadays, apps are proving their worth as valuable tools that simplify our daily lives in a myriad of contexts. In the corporate world, a wide range of apps are being implemented strategically. Most of them, by being utilized for cost measurement and improved process, demonstrate their full potential in Human Resources.


The arrival of the devices and mobile apps that began with the launch of the first generation iPhone in 2007, has caused a large-scale revolution of habits in all kinds of environments of our daily life. Apps have changed our way of acting and interacting with our surroundings. All of us are assimilating devices into our daily lives, so it is usual that our co-workers are using a smartphone or tablet most of the time.


According to Statista portal, there are about 400 millions apps available in leading app stores as of July 2015. As of that month, Android users were able to choose between 1.6 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.5 million available apps. Meanwhile, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone and BlackBerry World have the rest of the market share.


Apps are being incorporated into our work environment as a tool to promote increased productivity, becoming a powerful instrument that enables effective management of the workforce, all while offering a wider perception of the business world. The omnipresence of mobile devices with employees makes it possible for those in HR management to benefit from apps that allow them to access and update information about their personnel – quickly and easily.


Following up on the trend of corporate technological solutions, some of these apps can move to “The Cloud”, with advantages such as mobile access from any point, at any time, or anywhere. Either way, be it in the Cloud or locally, it’s a fact that the use of devices and mobile apps is common in the workplace, even among the people who are older and less familiar with new technologies. HR departments will benefit from this evolving trend that has proven to be very useful for both employers and employees.


Facebook is one of many examples of companies that have given in to mobile apps at the time of capturing and retaining talented employees, which are two of the priorities of this social network giant. When it was time to redouble their efforts, Mark Zuckerberg’s enterprise saw the potential of the platform Salesforce1, a mobile app that allows developers to easily create mobile applications while leveraging existing skill sets like Declarative App Building, Visualforce, JavaScript and HTML.


Facebook also has already acquired a set of mobile apps, among them one that estimates employee payment and royalties, another that controls the distribution of tasks between team members, and a third one that helps to plan the workday. All of them are defined by their flexibility, agility and predictability.


Currently, OneTapp has been developing DeltaWing, a cloud service that will help HR professionals and job seekers identify and select the best candidates and the best job options, by using intelligent algorithm techniques and statistics.


There is a need for better jobs matching tools and services. There is a need for employees to find the best job for them and reduce unhappiness. DeltaWing helps to reduce unhappiness for both the employers and the employees, by finding the best match possible. Take a look to its awaesome features:


  • Recruiters and workers can organize and follow-up the hiring process.
  • Send automatic tests to candidates and get feedback in real time.
  • Interact in real time with recruiters or candidates.
  • Know how popular are your job postings in real time.
  • We focus on finding the best matches for both company and people
  • Most of Jobs and people functionalities are mobile first


OneTapp, design perfect applications for you and your customers. Your company will be present any place, any time in a single tap.
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